Together We Care

Who We Are

D’Care Foundation is a not-for-profit organization based in Canada that supports the welfare and well-being of those caring for and fighting to keep us healthy and safe.
The vision was birthed during the COVID-19 pandemic in January 2020 when we saw how health workers and professional caregivers worked tirelessly during the pandemic, with some falling ill, while some lost their lives as well as that of their loved ones. Some didn’t even have enough time for their families due to the job but they kept going.

  • 2000+
    Caregivers And their families

    D'Care Foundation is open to all newcomers, family caregivers, professional caregivers, disabled caregivers, and personal support workers (PSW) in Canada

Together We Care

D'Care Foundation


Our Mission

To support caregivers and the loved ones who receive their care through mental health initiatives, personal development and advocacy support.

Our Vision

To help caregivers feel empowered and resilient by providing them with the proper tools that will enable them to create a safe, nurturing environment for themselves and the individuals in their care.

Our Core Values

  • Care | Community | Collaboration
  • Trauma Informed Programming |
  • Cultural Humility
  • Individually Centered and Strength Focused |
  • Respect, Dignity and Compassion

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Together we Care...

Meet Our Team

Regal Mangete

Executive Director

Moyna David-Ejor

Director of Welfare

Mary Corrado

Director of Events

Dr. Douglas Omubo Pepple

Humanitarian Response Director

Sir Chief Hon. Dr. David Theophilus Briggs

International Programs Director

Engee Titus

Digital Personnel

Lisa Parsons, RPN

Assistant Director of Events

Queensley Ojuederie

Outreach Coordinator

What Others Say about D'Care

Google Reviews

"D’care foundation has such an amazing team.Their care for humanity is so profound and the several food and clothing drives really cares for the needy in the community. They are totally amazing."


"I could feel the genuine passion to meet needs at a food handout in the Scarborough area by this foundation. One of the team members approached someone who looked helpless and took their time to help the person sort out just the food the person needed from the pre-packed boxes of food , while adding a few more items for the person and putting the extra not needed away. I thought that was kind."


"D'care foundation is a great organization that helps the community in every way from food to training and the necessity for the communities needs. They have Loving individuals that care about people and the community. You couldn't ask for a better organization"